The Start of 101 Things, 1001 Days

By Monday December 10th, 2012, I will accomplish the following 101 things:

Anything that has strikethrough applied is complete.
Anything in italics is underway.
Anything in red is unlikely or impossible to complete within the time frame.

1. Marry Kate. Sept. 2010
2. Have a kid with Kate. January 2012
3. Buy a house. July 2011

4. Take another trip to Vegas with Kate.
5. Go visit Carhenge.
6. Get a new passport. Use it. June 2010
7. Take a trip to Europe.

8. Earn more than $100K in a calendar year. February 2012
9. Set up two low-involvement businesses, per The Four Hour Workweek.
10. Join MIMA.
11. Get up and going and bringing in income. June 2011
12. Monetize my blog. December 2010
13. Do something with my bike612 domain. March 2010
14. Find and take a community ed class on running a small business.
15. Start in an MBA program.
16. Get all my fonts back on the web and available for download/purchase. June 2011
17. Join Toastmasters and improve my public speaking.

18. Finish re-writing Bubble.
19. Get at least one sci-fi short story published.
20. Finally write The Unforgettable Fire.
21. Re-read Sun Tzu’s Art of War. Nov. 2010
22. Triple my blog readership.
23. Decide on whether to use one or two spaces after a period, stick with the decision. March 2010
24. Write and publish an article in Bicycling.
25. Read War and Peace. March 2011
26. Read two Steinbeck novels that aren’t Of Mice and Men. (26b. Tell me ’bout the rabbits, George!) Sept. 2010

27. Log data about the entire year of 2012 as part of personal data logging project, see what I can learn.
28. Clean up my entire iTunes library. Sept. 2010
29. Use Delicious Library to log all our books, movies, video games, etc.
30. Reorganize house, with Kate, so that things are all in sensible places. July 2011
31. Find a personal organization system that works for me. April 2011

32. Build at least six custom frames for paying customers. (0/6)
33. Show my bikes at NAHBS.
34. Build my Dashbrain project.
35. Learn 3D modeling for CNC milling.
36. Rewrite the Paterek 2.0 application for the Mac.
37. Upgrade to Cat 3, cyclocross.
38. Upgrade to Cat 4, road.
39. Start track racing at the velodrome.
40. Rigidly stick to training program.
41. Work on my wheelbuilding skills, get completely comfortable with the process.
42. Build a bike capable of winning best-in-show at NAHBS.
43. Go mountain biking in Moab.
44. Build a facility/infrastructure to make custom frames. April 2011.
45. Incorporate yoga into my off-season training. January 2011.

46. Achieve 5th geup in tae kwon do.
47. Start taking judo lessons.
48. Get a 3/4-sleeve tattoo.
49. Complete the 100 push-ups program.
50. Get teeth whitened. July 2010
51. Get my six-pack abs back.
52. Keep my weight under 185 pounds.
53. Get back to the condition I was in when I left Ft. Bragg — 96 pushups in 2 minutes, 120 sit-ups in 2 minutes, run a 10:30 2-miler. (That last might be difficult, given that I’ll be pushing 40 at the end of this.)
54. Stop drinking soda.
55. Run a marathon.

56. Learn to make beer.
57. Plant a small garden on the deck.
58. Buy a bartender’s guide and learn to make at least 10 drinks. (0/10)
59. Take a cooking class.
60. Try that berry (miraculin) that makes everything taste different.

61. Have at least three months’ of salary (Kate’s and mine) in savings. November 2011
62. Be debt-free except for student loans, home loan, and car loans.
63. Start a Roth IRA. December 2010
64. Start a college fund for the future kids.
65. Find a way to crack $500K in annual income — the threshold at which Kate and I agreed I can buy a Nissan GT-R. Then, obviously, buy a GT-R. (Okay, VERY unrealistic item on this one.)

Charity/Volunteer Work
66. Do two shoeboxes for children in the Third World.
67. Spend at least 50 hours volunteering at a rescue shelter for cats.

68. Get over the loss of Mooch. June 2010
69. Build or buy a cat tree. April 2011
70. Have our cats microchipped. (3/5)
71. Socialize Vinnie. March 2011

72. Design at least 3 new fonts. (0/3)
73. Take a photography class.
74. Find a cool time-lapse subject, make video.
75. Take a class on letterpress printing.
76. Take a class on bookbinding.
77. Take a few art classes (drawing).
78. Submit a couple of t-shirt designs to Threadless.

79. Become an expert in Ruby on Rails.
80. Create — and release under the GPL — three WordPress themes. (0/3)
81. Learn how to create iPhone apps. January 2011
82. Create a cool Arduino-based hack (other than Dashbrain, above).
83. Build a solar powered charger for USB devices.
84. Understand the Standard Model — how all the particles interact, including supersymmetric particles. January 2011.
85. Transition to the “Hard” level on Rock Band. May 2011
86. Buy a telescope kit from Makershed, build it, and knock the rust off the old astronomy skills/bug.
87. Become an expert on PHP.
88. Build/document my “alternate” keyboard project.

89. Buy a D-SLR camera. September 2011.
90. Buy a new Macbook Pro.
91. Get an Aeron chair for the home office.
92. Upgrade from my Mac Mini to a new iMac.

93. Learn to speak a new language. Complete all 3 levels of Rosetta Stone. (0/3)
94. Complete 10 goals on Nuvvo. (0/10)
95. Set up a hummingbird feeder on the deck. March 2012
96. Take a firearms safety course, buy a pistol, and practice on a regular basis. (Bad liberal! Bad!)
97. Learn archery.
98. Take snowboarding lessons.
99. Re-do my CPR training/certification.
100. Go skydiving.
101. Do a new version of this list when this one is complete. July 2010

15 thoughts on “The Start of 101 Things, 1001 Days”

  1. I love this list. If I had hte attention span, I would sit down and come up with one for myself. Perhaps that should be the first thing on my list. You’ll keep us posted on your progress?

    • Yeah, it took me over a week to write this — part of the reason I was so quiet for awhile there.

      And yeah, definitely planning to post on my progress.

  2. You are so ambitious, I love it! My favorite is #1!
    Suggestions (that you didn’t ask for):
    #23: two spaces, end of story.
    #26: The Grapes of Wrath and The Pearl.
    #29-31: Let me come and help you organize, it is super fun!
    #46-47: Did I mention that you are badass?
    #57 and #59 coincide with #74.

    I am inspired! Reading your list makes me want to write one as well. My problem is I would likely not make my goals ambitious enough. Fear of failure? Not me…

    • #23: that’s the way I’m leaning.
      #26: The Grapes of Wrath is definitely one of them.
      #29: just wielding a bar code scanner and a laptop
      #30: ask Kate
      #31: I think I know what system I’m going to use
      #46-#47: that’s the plan — I think krav maga may be on the second list
      #57 does, definitely.

  3. This list is outstanding Dan, I look forward to watching you check stuff off.

    I could probably help you out with #56 to some extent… I need to get my own system a little more refined though (there’s bubbling things in my dining room working on that right now!)

    • I may just end up picking your brain on #56. I probably won’t even touch the beer making thing until after the wedding this year due to the chaos around the racing season and wedding prep.

  4. Yes to the nissan GT-R! I have enough speeding tickets with my 3.5 Altima though. I’d have to move to europe before I could even consider a GT-R. Too much HP for around town.

    Nice list.

  5. I’m loving this list and the idea. Wendy and I are actually working on our own lists now as well. I’m hoping it will actually give me something to blog about since I never have anything interesting going on!

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