101 Things: February 2012

Items accomplished in February: 1
Total items accomplished: 28/101
Percentage complete: 27.7%

Items Completed in February:
8. Earn more than $100K in a calendar year.

I didn’t count this because I didn’t get my final W-2 until February 2nd. But yes, I did great last year.

Items Underway in February:
27. Log data about the entire year of 2012 as part of personal data logging project, see what I can learn.
49. Complete the 100 push-ups program.
51. Get my six-pack abs back.
52. Keep my weight under 185 pounds.
54. Stop drinking soda.
57. Plant a small garden on the deck.
74. Find a cool time-lapse subject, make video.
80. Create — and release under the GPL — three WordPress themes. (0/3)
95. Set up a hummingbird feeder on the deck.

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