101 Things: January 2011

This is an update of my 101 Things in 1001 Days project. January plodded along, despite my new habit of keeping an “immediate and near future items” checklist in a Moleskine that was constantly in my back pocket. I really need to get atop this shit. Soon.

Items accomplished in January: 3
Total items accomplished: 15/101
Percentage complete: 14.8%

Completed in January:

45. Incorporate yoga into my off-season training.

Done! Right now, it’s a once-per-week thing, but it’s a key component in the prep phase of my training. I will probably maintain it into Base 1, but by the time Base 2 rolls around, I suspect it’ll be spending more time on the road and less in the gym. Still, feels good to get this one checked off the list.

81. Learn how to create iPhone apps.

A few things came together quite nicely on this one — I got all the free books from Apple loaded onto the iPad and got the SDK installed. Once I started dabbling, I got an email from my old friend Dan who offered to point me in the right direction on a bunch of stuff. And then The Nerdery offered up a free two-day class, which I signed-up for immediately. The end result is that I am starting to build my first app that I’ll be submitting sometime in February.

84. Understand the Standard Model — how all the particles interact, including supersymmetric particles.

I’ll never be able to explain the math behind it; call it a personal failing, or a rejection of my geek genetics, but math and me? We don’t get along. Anyway, my understanding of the Standard Model is thus — there are six quarks, and six leptons, which are the fundamental building blocks, and there are four bosons, which mediate three of the four forces at the subatomic level. I’ve got a solid understanding of how they interact with one another (again, except for the math), and why the supersymmetric particles exist in theory. I could write several hundred words on this subject, but that’s probably best for a later post.

Primary In-Progress in January:

4. Take another trip to Vegas with Kate.

Kate and I have been talking about going to visit her brother, Drew, at Fort Irwin. If that’s the case, we’d fly in and out of Vegas, and probably spend some time there. More as that develops.

27. Log data about the entire year of 2011 as part of personal data logging project, see what I can learn.

So I’ve started the data logging, and damn, man. I’ve already learned that I drink a lot of soda — as soon as I realized that, I started to taper off almost immediately.

49. Complete the 100 push-ups program.

I’m on it! It’s part of my training program. It’ll encompass the six week prep phase, all four weeks of Base 1 and the first two weeks of Base 2.

54. Stop drinking soda.

This in-progress, thanks to #27, above. My intake has already been significantly reduced, and I hope by the end of February that I can call this complete.