101 Things: January 2012

Items accomplished in Janaury: 1
Total items accomplished: 27/101
Percentage complete: 26.7%

Items Completed in January:
2. Have a kid with Kate.

Holy crap, something on this list got done ahead of schedule! Edwin decided to join the world eight weeks early. So far, so good. He’s healthy and growing, and while he’s a lot of work, I project a future full of fun and excitement.

Items Underway in January:
27. Log data about the entire year of 2012 as part of personal data logging project, see what I can learn.

Started this as a spreadsheet with checkboxes, and a list tracking all my media input during 2012. I’ll be doing some cool infoporn on it at the end of the year.

49. Complete the 100 push-ups program.

I fell off the wagon on this. Have restarted.

51. Get my six-pack abs back.


52. Keep my weight under 185 pounds.

Down to 202 as of this morning. From 212. I chalk this up to the recent stress, mostly. Also, lately, I’ve been more cognizant of portion control. Specifically, when having food from restaurants (which happens a LOT now, post-birth), I typically don’t eat everything in front of me. It’s good to be hungry before meal times.

54. Stop drinking soda.

Have reduced soda intake by approximately 75%. Hope to be completely off the crap by the end of March.

57. Plant a small garden on the deck.

Noodling with ideas for spring. We’ve talked about using deck boxes initially and then re-landscaping the back yard if we decide we like gardening. Sounds good to me! This spring: garlic, green beans, cilantro, peppers, and maybe some carrots. I might also start growing some hops this year.

74. Find a cool time-lapse subject, make video.

I have my idea! I just need to get moving on it. And it’ll happen once Eddy’s home!

80. Create — and release under the GPL — three WordPress themes. (0/3)

Underway. The first is nearly finished and will be used on my Bike612 site — it uses the 960 grid system, Cufón, and Google Web Fonts.

95. Set up a hummingbird feeder on the deck.

Yeah, have the feeder, have some nectar, just need to get it set up. And that’ll happen once it’s warm enough where the nectar won’t freeze. So, you know, tomorrow? With our freaky non-winter, this could be a February task. Hot damn!

7 thoughts on “101 Things: January 2012”

  1. The garlic and carrots are early spring starters, the pepper and beans are late spring starters that should be put in the ground after it reaches 65 degrees. Garlic and the carrots are easy to get planted, but buy the pepper plants from a nursery unless u plan on running over 100 of them. Seed starting is labor\capital intensive when u have to start plants indoors. The beans can be direct seeded into the ground. Herbs are about the most ridiculously easiest thing to grow, and saves a lot of money at the grocery store.

    If you go the landscape route, you won’t regret it. Its easier to keep plants alive when they are in the ground than in pots. Much less watering, plus u can setup a sprinkler/irrigation system and make watering as simple as turning on the faucet. The weeds are harder to control, but staying up with them and using cover mulches helps a lot.

    Oh, and hops are a multiple year investment with trellises before you get decent, mature crops from them, but way cool.

    Good luck! You are gonna do eddie’s namesake proud! Gardening was his favorite pasttime. Little eddie will be a champion weed puller in no time, lol!

    • Yeah, I knew hops was a multi-year project. It’d be nice to get it set up for when I’m doing my own brewing (someday soon!)…the big problem, of course, is deer. And living not far from a state park, we’ve got plenty of them in the area.

      Thanks for the insight re: peppers. I’d like to grow jalapenos and habaneros for starters, maybe add green/red peppers somewhere along the way.

      And yeah, I want to get Eddy out there and helping as soon as I can.

  2. Suggestion wrt. soda? Get yourself a sodastream machine. It carbonates water, which you can then add syrup or flavouring to, so you can make your own soda. The point of this is that you can then control what goes into your soda. It’s surprising how good the stuff tastes when it consists of a litre of carbonated water plus 5ml of real unsweetened lemon juice (with aspartame or other non-sugar sweetener added to taste). Works out cheaper, too.

    • You know, that’s actually a really good idea. And I’m guessing it’s a great deal less expensive than soda in the long run. I’ll have to run it past the CFO (wife) and see what she thinks.

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