101 Things: July 2011

Items accomplished in July: 2
Total items accomplished: 25/101
Percentage complete: 24.7%

Items Completed in July:

3. Buy a house.

Without question, this was the second-biggest item on my list. The first was #1 — Marry Kate. Anyway, we closed on the house on July 28th, and on the 29th, we moved in!

30. Reorganize house, with Kate, so that things are all in sensible places.

We were smart about this — when we packed, we were very specific about not co-mingling our rooms together into single boxes. The end result here is a completely organized house. Seriously awesome.

Items Underway in July:

2. Have a kid with Kate.

As of this posting, we are 8 weeks and 3 days along. Yes. We’re pregnant.

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