101 Things: July

Items accomplished in July: 2
Total items accomplished: 6/101
Percentage complete: 5.9%

Completed in July:

50. Teeth whitening. — Got pro-strength whitening trays/kit when I did my dentist visit on 7-8-10. This was something I’d put off far too long. I ingest a LOT of soda and other shit that’s not good for my teeth, so this was long overdue.

101. Do a new version of this list when this one is complete. — I jumped the gun on this one as I have friends who are jumping on the 101 Bandwagon and they have some great ideas. The new list will post on December 22, 2012, about ten days after I finish this list, and coincidentally, it’ll be my 40th birthday.

18. Rewrite Bubble. — Spending about 30 minutes a day on it during breakfast. Hoping to check this one off by the end of 2010.
26. Read two Steinbeck novels that aren’t Of Mice and Men. — I read The Grapes of Wrath this month.
28. iTunes clean-up. — Doing a few hundred tracks every morning. Hoping to check this one off by the end of November.
71. Socialize Vinnie. — Read a few articles on the subject of socializing adult cats, will be working on it. Somewhat working. He now will come into a room and hang out near me, but won’t tolerate much petting, and definitely will not allow himself to be held.
93. Learn Japanese. — Ongoing, using Rosetta Stone.

Starting/Doing Soon:
51. Get my six-pack abs back. — Rocking the P90X. Once I have six pack abs again, this will get checked-off.
52. Keep my weight under 185 pounds. — Rocking the P90X. Once I am 184, this will get checked-off.
53. Get back to the condition I was in when I left Ft. Bragg. — Rocking the P90X. Will run a PT test and have Kate grade push-ups and sit-ups.

Going to really have to pick it up with the list after the wedding/honeymoon.

5 thoughts on “101 Things: July

  1. I’ve resisted tooth whitening beyond toothpaste and mouth rinses (Rembrandt for both) because of the cost and worrying about how it will leave my teeth. I do OK, though. I don’t drink soda, but I drink everything through a straw except water and milk, and I chew xylitol gum after meals. That really helps protect your teeth.

    • Yeah, I was generally resistant for the same reasons. I went with the dentist office kit with the full casting of the teeth and everything. So far, so good.

  2. Do you feel that Rosetta Stone is really helping you learn? We’re hoping to take a trip to Japan in the next couple of years, and we want to have some language instruction before we go.

    • Hard to say. So far, it’s pretty interesting. I wouldn’t say I’m ready to have a conversation with a Japanese person yet, but I could probably ask where the bathroom is. A for a beer.

    • I’ve been working with Rosetta Stone for about four months, on and off – mostly off. I’ve only really focused on it for the last two weeks, a half hour a day. I’m not fluent in Spanish, but I’m doing well enough that I can sell Direct TV to someone who doesn’t speak English.

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