101 Things: June 2011

Items accomplished in June: 2
Total items accomplished: 23/101
Percentage complete: 22.7%

Items Completed in June:

11. Get fontosaurus.com up and going and bringing in income.
16. Get all my fonts back on the web and available for download/purchase.

Holy crap! The website is finally back up and running. I’ve started loading up the fonts that are “keepers” and have been getting them on the sites where they’ll be available for sale. Once they’re available, I can link everything together and the site will be complete.

Items Underway in June:

3. Buy a house.

If you’ve been following this blog at all to this point, you know that we went and looked at a bunch of houses. We put in an offer, accepted a counteroffer, and we’re now on our way to closing! Our close date is July 28th, which means we’ll be able to scratch this off the list for next month!

30. Reorganize house, with Kate, so that things are all in sensible places.

This is underway as we pack our belongings for the move at the end of July. The end result will be an organized house as we unpack. We’ll scratch this off the list at the end of July, too!

74. Find a cool time-lapse subject, make video.

I’ve got my subject! Now we just need to close on the house so that we can rock this shit! Yes, I’m time-lapsing the move-in process. I’ll need to find some people with cameras to help with this.

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