101 Things: June

Items accomplished in June: 2
Total items accomplished: 4/101
Percentage complete: 3.9%

Completed in June:
6. Get passport.
68. Get over the loss of Mooch.

1. Marry Kate. We have our marriage license!
18. Rewrite Bubble. Spending about 30 minutes a day on it during breakfast.
28. iTunes clean-up. Doing a few hundred tracks every morning.
71. Socialize Vinnie. A few steps back here, starting to wonder if it’s even possible.
80. WordPress theme. Graphic design work complete, HTML/CSS next.
93. Learn Japanese. Ongoing.

Starting/Doing Soon:
50. Teeth whitening. Have a cleaning/check-up on the afternoon of July 8th, getting fitted for trays then.
66. Shoebox for Third World. Want to do these sometime in July, when I have a little more money.
86. Telescope kit. I had planned on ordering this this weekend, but I have opted to pay for waterjetting of bike parts instead.

It’s possible, I may be rolling “get back into Ft. Bragg shape” (#53), get back six-pack abs (#51), and keep weight under 185 (#52) underway in the near future. I’ve been looking at the P90X program, which has been highly recommended, and it’s a definite possibility.

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