101 Things: March 2012

I was supposed to autopost this on Saturday. I forgot. For those of you that haven’t seen the original list before, it’s available here.

Items accomplished in March: 1
Total items accomplished: 29/101
Percentage complete: 28.7%

Items Completed in March:
95. Set up a hummingbird feeder on the deck.

I bought this sucker last summer when we bought the house, but didn’t actually get around to hanging it until this last weekend. The original plan was to hang it somewhere where the cats could see it, but I couldn’t find a good spot for that, and they already have the conventional bird feeder outside the front door. So it’s hanging off the back of the deck.

Items Underway in March:
27. Log data about the entire year of 2012 as part of personal data logging project, see what I can learn.
49. Complete the 100 push-ups program.
51. Get my six-pack abs back.
52. Keep my weight under 185 pounds.
54. Stop drinking soda.
57. Plant a small garden on the deck.
74. Find a cool time-lapse subject, make video.
80. Create — and release under the GPL — three WordPress themes. (0/3)

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