101 Things: May 2011

I was gunning for a big month this month in the 101 Things in 1001 Days project. It didn’t happen.

Items accomplished in May: 1
Total items accomplished: 21/101
Percentage complete: 20.7%

Items Completed in May:

85. Transition to the “Hard” level on Rock Band.

I finally bit the bullet on this one and started rocking out. I’m still nowhere near my abilities at the “Medium” level, but I’m still enjoying the game.

Items Underway in May:

3. Buy a house.

As you’ve probably seen from earlier posts, we’ve started hunting around for a new place. We’ve got a realtor, we’ve seen about a dozen places total, and we’re chugging along. I’m hoping to see the one this month where we can make our offer, so we can close by the end of August and be out of our place ASAP. I’m really sick of apartment living.

11. Get fontosaurus.com up and going and bringing in income.
16. Get all my fonts back on the web and available for download/purchase.

This is underway. I’ve identified my “permanently retired” fonts (the shitty ones), which ones will cost what, and so on. I’m going to turn fontosaurus.com into a gallery site and use it to link to my fonts at their sale points.

19. Get at least one sci-fi short story published.

Working on this. Have the story in rough draft format. It’s going to take some polishing to get it there, but I hope to have it done in June and sent to Strange Horizons right after I’m done with the final draft.

54. Stop drinking soda.

Man, I’ve cut back on this like you wouldn’t believe.

72. Design at least 3 new fonts. (0/3)

Started going through my old sketchbooks looking for ideas and found three of them that I want to pursue. I’ll probably score some scanner software in June and make some headway on this.

80. Create — and release under the GPL — three WordPress themes. (0/3)

The first of the three is nearly ready to go. Have ideas for the next two, which I’ll be knocking out using the H5 framework.

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