101 Things: November

This is an update of my 101 Things in 1001 Days project. I normally post each one of these on the last day of the month, but was running behind on the update and then forgot to post it. So I’ve scheduled it for publication on Monday the 6th at about noon. December’s will be early (on the 30th), as I’ve got pre-scheduled posts already set up for the 31st and the 1st.

Items accomplished in November: 1
Total items accomplished: 10/101
Percentage complete: 9.9%

Completed in November:
21. Re-read Sun Tzu’s Art of War.

I had read this before, back in the mid-90’s. Re-reading it has been enlightening because it feels like a completely different book than it did 15 years ago. That’s probably due in large part to my changing philosophies on a lot of things.

Primary In-Progress in November:
2. Have a kid with Kate.

We’re not taking precautions to prevent this anymore, and we stopped not long after the honeymoon. Right now, we’re figuring out her cycle and are going to get her on prenatal vitamins.

5. Go visit Carhenge.

Among my travels this year, I’m going to drive to Moab, Utah, in May to do some mountain biking — see #43 below — and plan to stop on the way to see Carhenge.

25. Read War and Peace.

Oh god, this is painful. And slow.

43. Go mountain biking in Moab.

Planning underway. See #5 above.

61. Have at least three months’ of salary (Kate’s and mine) in savings.

We met with a financial planner in November, and this is one of our goals. We’re hammering away at it.

62. Be debt-free except for student loans and Kate’s car loan.

See #61 above.

63. Start a Roth IRA.

After talking to the financial planner, this was discussed as a possibility. We’ve opted for a traditional IRA instead. I’ll be establishing that in December.

64. Start a college fund for the future kids.

This was discussed with the financial planner. Probably not going to be any more movement on it until #2, above, actually happens.

66. Do two shoeboxes for children in the Third World.

I have the two plastic shoeboxes, which I’ll be filling up with toys and shipping out on the weekend of the 10th-12th of December.

70. Have our cats microchipped.

We have two of the four done. Thus far, it’s only Scout and Calvin. I need to send in their paperwork as the website isn’t working worth an eff.

71. Socialize Vinnie.

This is going to be an ongoing one for awhile. He’s getting more tolerant of being pet and will hang out nearby without scurrying off, but he doesn’t seek out attention and still loses his shit if you pick him up. More play time needed.

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  1. A salute to you and Kate: Lily is still talking about her Uncle Dan (“wonderful” “we played” “he’s cool”) and Kate (“Kate did bubbles with me!” “Kate loves me!” “Kate did bubbles with me!”). You guys are wonderful. And your future, as yet non-existent babies are extraordinarily lucky.

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