101 Things: October-December 2011

You’ll notice that there was no update from October through December. October was a crazy-assed month and I didn’t really accomplish much, and it only got worse. Here’s how it went:

Items accomplished in October-December: 1
Total items accomplished: 27/101
Percentage complete: 26.7%

Items Completed in October-December:

61. Have at least three months’ of salary (Kate’s and mine) in savings.

On the 9th, we met with our financial advisor for our review of our first year, and things are going great. (With the exception of getting fucked over in the health insurance area for 2012, but that’s not relevant here.) In looking at our savings accounts, IRAs, and other liquid funds, we actually hit three months’ worth of take-home pay. This is an exciting one. However, with having to buy a bunch of baby furniture, and with our insurance being switched to an HSA, it’s not going to last. Which is a damn shame.

Items Underway in October-December:

2. Have a kid with Kate.

As of this posting, we are 31 weeks and a few days along. Due date is roughly March 11, 2012. Nine months before my fortieth birthday, and approximately nine months before the end of this 101 Things in 1001 Days cycle. This definitely means this list isn’t going to get completed. Dur.

14. Find and take a community ed class on running a small business.

I received a Community Ed course list from ISD 191, and it’s got a few small biz sessions that are very intriguing. I may be signing up shortly. More on that as it happens.

17. Join Toastmasters and improve my public speaking.

Need to do this. Been looking for a local chapter. Hope to be able to check this off at the end of January.

41. Work on my wheelbuilding skills, get completely comfortable with the process.

I’ve been doing a lot more wheel truing at the shop this year, and that’s built up my confidence in my ability to do this. Over the course of the winter, I plan to build two new wheelsets. And buy myself a truing stand and some wheelbuilding tools for my home workshop.

49. Complete the 100 push-ups program.

I’m working on it!

51. Get my six-pack abs back.

Also underway — this is a combination of things, the reduced soda (and other crap) intake, and getting ready to do the 200 Sit-Ups Program. I’ll probably be adding kettlebells shortly, too.

54. Stop drinking soda.

In the space of three months, I’ve reduced my intake by about 70%. Two things helped with this — first, I started logging my intake, and was horrified. And then I thought about what Kate said when she quit smoking — that she had a choice, that she could be a smoker or a mom, but not both. I have a choice. I choose to quit.

72. Design at least 3 new fonts. (0/3)

This is underway! I plan to have two freebies and a new pay font up and online in early 2012.

73. Take a photography class.

Now that I have a DSLR, I’m poking around looking for a community ed class that I can take. In the meantime, I should read Digital Photography for Dummies or some shit.

74. Find a cool time-lapse subject, make video.

Idea found. When I build Erin’s track bike, I’ll be timelapsing much of the build process. Result = awesome.