20 Things

  1. I am a cat person. This is not to say I dislike dogs. I like them when they belong to other people. But I prefer the low-maintenance, earned-loyalty beast that is the domestic housecat.
  2. I am not great at sports. As a child, I was horrible. As an adult, I’m much better. But still not great.
  3. I was a soldier. Sometimes I miss it, but then I think about the shitty hours, the crappy pay, the awful food, some (but not all) of the people I had to deal with, and the situations in which I found myself, and then I realize how awesome civilian life is. I am the only person I know, who can say to myself, “Hey, at least I’m not putting freshly-killed goat carcasses in trash bags.”
  4. I have never smoked a cigarette, nor done any sort of illegal drugs. I don’t drink all that often. There’s a history of substance abuse in my family, so I am very conscious of the things I put into my body that could be habit forming. I wish I’d realized how addictive caffeine was before I started in on it.
  5. You probably know from reading this blog that I love bicycles. You may not, however, know that my learning to ride a bike was a very traumatic experience. Mom would take me to a nearby park, put me on a bike without training wheels and push me down a hill. I had the last laugh, however. Once we got back to the states, I took my bike out of the garage, got on it, and simply rode without any help. I couldn’t figure out how to turn right away and for the first week, I frequently ran into the back of parked cars.
  6. I spent most of my first six or seven years living in the American Sector of West Berlin, Germany.
  7. At home, I have a hard time finishing projects. At work, I am the exact opposite.
  8. I dislike wearing bright colors. Except on the bike, in which case, I’d prefer that cars be able to see me.
  9. I think that the Counting Crows’ August and Everything After… is one of the best albums of all time. If you’ve never heard the song of the same name, you’re missing out.
  10. I am one degree of separation from Elvis Presley.
  11. I despise mushrooms.
  12. The little details in a product really do it for me. When I toss a grenade into a building while playing Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and the blast not only blows out the windows and smites mine enemies, but it sends an office chair flying through the window? That’s when I know something is worth the money.
  13. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off changed my life.
  14. The day I did a majority of the enlistment process in the Army was August 2, 1990. You history nerds might remember this as the day that Iraq invaded Kuwait. This was not planned.
  15. The day I signed off on the papers and raised my right hand was August 7, 1990. You history geeks might remember this as the day that the U.S. announced Operation Desert Shield. This was not planned. (I went in figuring that they’d come to a diplomatic solution.)
  16. I still have a couple of flannel shirts waiting for the day that 90’s grunge apparel comes back into style.
  17. I wear a size 13 shoe.
  18. I have nine tattoos.
  19. I still harbor aspirations of becoming a published author someday.
  20. At one point, I owned 27 domain names. That number is falling as I have finally decided that some of them I just don’t need anymore. Recent casualty: dudeineedmoney.com. One I regret losing: whiteymustpay.com.

Image Credits: PublicDomainPictures/Creative Commons Zero (CC0).

4 thoughts on “20 Things”

  1. I hear you on the cats. There’s something about not automatically getting their respect that makes it even more desirable. Dogs love almost everyone. Cats are more selective, which makes it special when they do like you.

    And it’s completely acceptable to wear plaid and/or flannel again. I’ve been seeing it around everywhere (at least in the girls’ departments, so I’m assuming the trend is equally applied to boys).

    • Indeed. It was featured as Yahoo’s Site of the Day, at one point. You would not believe how much hate mail I got from white supremacists. It was hilarious.

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