$5 per Gallon?

Gas prices have already hit $4 per gallon , and the doom-n-gloomers say it could go as high as $5 this coming summer. That’s some serious ouch right there. And here I’d been looking at replacing the WRX in the next couple of years with something family-friendly-yet-sporty (I was looking at a Mini Countryman S All4) — that idea has been deep-sixed by this news.

Seriously, Detroit, Japan, Germany, all of you need to listen up, and listen well: I’m not the only person who is going to put off buying a new car because of oil prices, not by a long shot. Therefore, it would behoove you to sink a shit-ton of money into R&D and get better electrics and hybrids going, and figure out a way to make hydrogen burners. Because right now, Big Oil is cornholing your future sales and hitching your wagon to that horse is now a liability instead of a strength. Get moving on that.

Until then, I’ll be driving my WRX into the ground. She’s only got 95,000 miles on her in the 80 months I’ve had her, and I’m told these Subarus are good for at least 160,000. To make matters more interesting, if I continue to drive at the rate I have been, it’ll take another 59 months — almost 5 years — for it to hit 160,000 miles. But don’t take that as “this guy isn’t going to buy a new car for five more years” — oh no no no. See, I’ve already been looking at reducing my mileage. Getting my workshop set up in the basement will carve 400 miles a month off my current usage. And the plan is to either have my next job closer to home or to move closer to my current employer. Between that, the plan to start biking more frequently, and being more diligent about keeping up with the maintenance on this thing, my god, it could be another 10 years before I have to replace this gas-guzzling beast!

Now, look, I want to buy a new car in the next two years or so. But here’s the thing — I’m sick of being beholden to Big Oil and their price-manipulating buggery. I don’t want to feed that behemoth industry anymore. What I want is a good, reliable family sedan with a bit of horsepower and all-wheel drive. And I want it to burn hydrogen (the most-abundant element in the universe and therefore, cheap as hell). So get on it, Detroit/Japan/Korea/Germany, and do it with a quickness.