4 Things I Am Looking Forward to Doing with My Son

  1. Playing with LEGO®. He’s a few years away yet, but man I cannot tell you how cool it will be. I have a couple of huge bins of the stuff in storage in the basement for him, and you know, as an adult, I should have an excuse for buying the newer stuff. “It’s for my son!”

    In all seriousness, though, I think LEGO® is one of the greatest toys ever and something every kid should have access to.

  2. Riding bikes! You knew this was going to be on the list, right? And none of those cheap-ass department store bikes for my kid. Heck no! I’m going to build him a Strider frame sometime in 2013 — maybe in Reynolds 953 stainless or out of titanium — as his first step toward learning to ride the real thing.
  3. Christmas shopping for mommy! I mean how fun will that be? “No, Eddy, mommy doesn’t need a baby goat. No, I don’t know where to buy a baby goat. Yes, baby goats are cute. Until you look at their pupils and realize they’re hellspawn. Yes, daddy is weird.”
  4. Bringing him home from the NICU. Need I say more?

3 thoughts on “4 Things I Am Looking Forward to Doing with My Son

  1. 1. Pro tip: Sort them. The really little pieces, like the flat round 1s and the flat square 1s = disaster, even at age 3 and 4. Standard 2×2 bricks and upward are okay.

    There is some decent Duplo as well. We’ve put away most of my big-person Lego until both kids are old enough not to leave it around/swallow it.

    2. heckyeah

    3. You will want a goat. Investigate local ordinance. Because geez, we’re presently doing 5 gallons of milk A WEEK. Okay, so we have two kids. But. I have been looking at local ordinance. A goat would be milk AND lawncare. Leaving more time for 1 and 2!

    4. heckyeah

  2. Eddy HAS to join a Lego robotics team, and you have to be the coach! We had a Lego robotics demo at our STEM Teacher Seminar last year.. those kids make amazing stuff!

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