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Dad's 70's-Era Peugeot Road Bike
Dad's 70's-Era Peugeot Road Bike

So I’m in a bit of a weird place surrounding the sentimentality of a bike. This summer, I acquired my father’s old 70’s era Peugeot. It’s been a bit bastardized with Shimano Exage derailleurs, and its years of garage life are showing where there’s spots of rust on the stem and top tube.

Given the weird market in the Minneapolis area, I could probably toss the thing on Craigslist and get $90 for it. It’s got the forward facing horizontal dropouts that make it a prime target for a fixie/singlespeed conversion. And I could certainly use that money to acquire a tube set to build a single-speed road bike — a good early-season training tool.

But man. It would be really weird to sell it. I don’t know. Argh.

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  1. Sentimentality be damned! Use it to your best purpose. I rode that thing for more miles than I care to remember, and if, in selling it, it does something nice for you, go for it!

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