A Bit of a Contest…

Okay, so I’m starting a framebuilding class at the end of September, which is going to be awesome.

I had planned on calling my line of frames Ferocious Cycles — up until the point where I discovered that there’s a Vicious Cycles.


The general consensus amongst those I’ve talked to is that I should change the name. And I’m open to that.

So I’m starting a contest: suggest a name for my framebuilding company, and the winning suggestion gets a custom steel (bicycle) frame from me!

Here’s my judging criteria:

  1. The name must not be in current or past usage as the name of another bike company.
  2. The domain name must be available.
  3. The name of the company needs to “wow” me (that’s “me”, not “you”) the way Ferocious Cycles does.
  4. By making a suggestion, you release any and all rights and claims to those names, should I opt to use them. If I don’t use them, you can keep them.

Here’s the caveats:

  1. You get to pick the frame style from a list of choices, sizing/geometry and the (single) color. I get to select the tubing materials.
  2. You get a frame and fork only. This is not a complete bike.
  3. Frame and fork will be delivered to you by March 31, 2011. (But probably sooner.)

Suggestions should be placed in the comments portion of this post. By my edict, the first person to suggest a name (which will be based upon the timestamp of their post) will be the winner in the case which two people suggest the same name.

Suggestion spamming is highly frowned-upon. Thus, I will limit each person to no more than 3 suggestions per post. Furthermore, if you’re just using thesaurus.com to find synonyms for ferocious (or related words), well then, you suck. This is about creativity, people.

I also reserve the right to discard all the suggestions and come up with my own name. In that case, I will put all your names into a spreadsheet, and use random.org to select the winner.

When you enter, be sure and use an email address I can contact you at. You may make as many suggestions as you want, but each individual will have one chance to win (unless you get sneaky and use a different name and email address). Remember, I’ll be contacting you via email, so make sure it’s a proper email address.

I will accept entries through 11:59 p.m., Central Standard Time (U.S.) on August 21, 2009. Comments to this post will close after that, and no other suggestions will be accepted.


72 thoughts on “A Bit of a Contest…

  1. Swordfish cycles, domain is free looked and there isn’t a company with that name with that name

  2. Gila Cycles (Gila is Bahasa Melayu for “crazy.” Ok, this idea is kinda lame.)

    Unleashed (though, Unleashed Cycles sounds a bit awkward.)

    Scofflaw Cycles (weaken the stereotype by embracing it?)

  3. Frenzied Cycles (or could go with Frenzy Cycle..whichever)

    Black Ice Cycles (you are in MN after all)

    and a 3rd, which I’m not as huge a fan of:
    Stormforged Cycles

    Domains for all 3 are available, and in the case of the first one, I checked the variant as well.

  4. How about Livid Cycles. It’s like vicious and ferocious but more fists and less teeth, I think.

    Plus, if that isn’t a word made to be a semisymmetrical head badge then I don’t think there is one…

  5. How about “I Eat You Cycles”… my local whois search shows it’s available:

    > whois http://www.ieatyoucycles.com

    Whois Server Version 2.0

    Domain names in the .com and .net domains can now be registered
    with many different competing registrars. Go to http://www.internic.net
    for detailed information.

    No match for “WWW.IEATYOUCYCLES.COM”.
    >>> Last update of whois database: Thu, 13 Aug 2009 15:44:20 UTC <<<

    That covers just about all the bases I think 🙂

  6. before i dig in, what kind of bikes to you plan to build? what sort of marketing angle are you looking to take? who is your audience?
    i.e., looking above, there’s an enormous suggested difference between the frames being built at “simple cycles” and “predatory pedals”.

    (and out of curiousity, where’s the frame building course being held?)

  7. @clifford
    Excellent questions!

    Think quality/nice touches like the guys at Vanilla. I don’t know that I’m going to have a particular focus other than making awesome bikes that can be ridden hard.

    My first two frames will be for me — a cyclocross frame and a 29’er singlespeed. I have two requests in for touring frames, a standard road frame, and a mixte, all of which I’ll be accommodating.

    The course is a one-on-one apprenticeship that I’ll be doing here in Minnesota with Paul Wyganowski.

  8. Hey Dan.

    As I read the “about” page on your site, I found that you are a Vikings fan living in Minnesota. The name of your creations needs to be related to you, Dan Bailey and since one of your goals is to, “witness the Vikings win a Superbowl”, then it seems only natural to me that the name should be Thor’s Hammer or possibly Thor’s Cycles. http://www.ThorsHammer.com appears to be available.

    Be well & congratulations on finding the right woman.


  9. I liked Savage Cycles, but that happens to be taken by a motorcycle outfit. Also, there is a Savage’s Bicycle Centre. But if something could be worked out, I like how it sounds. I will give it a bit more thought.

  10. RILYSI – Ride It Like You Stole It. There’s a Rilusi (ride it like u stole it) motorcycles though… That’s a better one 🙁

    Tenacious C(ycles).

    Mettle Frames (could be the name for a range, rather than your brand).

  11. Cyclone’s been done.

    My stab is: Cyclical Universe? Paint job could feature some star-spattered night sky. You could no doubt come up with an ace font.

    Your starting range of frames could be names cyclical madness, c. frenzy, c. lunacy, c. insanity, c. wrath

    Design a beautiful hard-core womans’ frame and call it Pedalicious. I’d buy one.

    I mean, how hard can it be?

    Good luck!


  12. as sort of a twist on it, ferocitycycles.com isn’t taken, and doesn’t look like it’s a business after a quick google. also rhymes with velocity.

  13. Monolith (or Monolithic) Cycles

    I noticed you like rock climbing, so it’s a nice fit. It also sounds strong, solid and evokes the classic “2001 A Space Odyssey”.

  14. @Dan Seeing this post reactivated my nascent frame building dream, and turned the rest of my afternoon into a longing revisit of all the old links, resources, classes and business plan ideas I’d been toying with a year ago. I work in sustainable transportation programming, but would quit on a dime to play this game.
    Anyway, I think you’d be really well-served to go with:

    Bailey Bicycles

    My dad ran his own artisan business for nearly twenty years, and regretted from the get-go not naming it after himself. For one, clever names may sound hip today, but the “Last Name” is a classic, time-honoured tradition. Last Name brands speak a lot about the workmanship, integrity and value of an object. My dad also felt his handcrafted an objects created a meaningful relationships between the object’s eventual owner and himself as its creator; rather than his arbitrary brand name mediating that relationship. There’s tons of really classic, bike-oriented design you could do with the word “Bailey” anyway.

    Best of luck, and do try throwing “bailey” or “BAILEY” into illustrator/photoshop and playing around with some lovely serif fonts.

  15. Building on what Clifford said, I like Cycles Bailey, maybe Cycles Dan Bailey, or Cycles D.X.B. Where X is your middle name, but since we’ve just met I don’t know it yet. For some reason I really like that order of the words, with Cycles first.

  16. I have an idea, but first I think it matters — what are your feelings on steel? I ride steel, you see, but why are you offering a steel frame bike (acknowledging that you reserve the right to choose the tubing materials)?

  17. @Jonathan
    Excellent questions!

    I do love a good steel frame, but I’m not a steel-only snob. In the interest of full disclosure, my fleet consists of two scandium bikes, one carbon, and one steel. (Though that will change when I build the new frames this fall.)

    When I said I get to pick the tubing, I meant that I am going to be the one to select the grade of steel. Whether it’s butted Chromoly 4130 or True Temper Platinum OX (or whatever) is dependent upon the type of frame I’m building, and the physical attributes of the rider.

  18. I like the variations of savagery, carnivores/man-eaters, killers…

    Savage Bikes/Frames (cycles is taken)
    Fly Trap Cycles/Frames
    Killer/Assassin Frames/Bikes

  19. FireCraft Cycles
    FleetFoot Cycles
    Alive Cycles

    Good luck with your venture! Can’t wait to see your future frames!

  20. And come on, don’t tell me that you DON’T get a vision of an angry panda riding a bike when you hear that and that you don’t find it at least amusing…

  21. Cannibal Bikes

    Cannibal makes reference to Eddy “the Cannibal” Merckx, often considered to be the greatest bike racer of all time.
    In the context of wrenching, “to cannibalize” is to take parts from one bike to give to another, as in your posts on your commuter build. By extension, the framebuilder’s art is a kind of cannibalization, of assimilating from one’s mentors, with an intent to surpass them.
    As of this writing, cannibalbikes.com and cannibalbike.com are both unregistered.
    There is a Cannibal Cycles (cannibalcycles.com), but it’s an Australian motorcycle/ATV/jetski shop. Not much possibility for confusion there.
    And Cannibal is way more ferocious than Vicious.

  22. O.K. I’m trying to play off your original “vicious” concept…without thesaurus-ing of course…so:

    Growler Bikes as in yummy homebrew and northwoods wildthings, orrr

    Tear It Up Cycles

    NorthRide Cycles Just for the Minneasota flavor!

  23. (Just realized I left this comment in the wrong thread. Here it is again)

    Fontocycles (name the bikes after different fonts based on their function/resemblance to particular fonts. What kind of bike do you think a Courier would be? Arial as a WSD bike maybe? An all black bike called the Gothic, or Wingding full suspension bike? The possibilities are endless)

    Viking Cycles (five seconds on google shows me there WAS a Viking Cycles in England, but their last production run was on 1967)

    Yeah, that’s all I got.

    Rick (aka Mofus from LJ)

  24. I prowled the specimen books and came up with the following:

    Minion Cycles — an homage to the type family, and a description of what a bike should be–one’s henchman and loyal associate in disreputable acts (I’m speaking of cyclocross, of course). (Unfortunately Maxxis makes a tire called the Minion–too much of an overlap? Perhaps I should scratch it.)

    Griffo Bicycles — after Francesco Griffo, Italian Renassance typecutter, and possible murderer. Gotta have the aggro for racing. And it conjures up images of griffins, as well.

    Octothorp Cycles — after my favorite word for a typographic symbol. Etymologically, it makes sense, too: “eight fields” is a lovely way of thinking of an overnight bike outing, or a ‘cross race, or eight different kinds of riding… Obviously comes with a built-in logo.

  25. Minstrel Cycles.

    Put a lute on the head tube.

    Just look at people incredulously when they make snarky comments.

  26. 1. Victorious Cycles
    Everyone desires victory.
    2. Breakthrough Cycles
    Break through “the wall,” break-through design, Breakthrough Cycles.
    3. Bon à tirer Cycles/ Frames
    (Best of the Edition in a the process of creating a print. There is only one of these as it is the final one of the Artist’s Proofs, the model of perfection which the whole edition will be identical to. Generally, once the printing of the whole edition is over, the artist destroys the matrix so that no additional prints can be made. http://www.arttowngifts.com/Bon-tirer-Definition-s/835.htm)
    One of a kind Bon à tirer Cycles define perfection.
    I hope I’m not “suggestion spamming,” but I have a variation to Bon à tirer:
    3. B.A.T. Cycles/ Bikes
    Although Batcycle is what Batman used to ride. Cool? Not? I don’t know.

  27. I am a little worried that my comment is not showing up…

    1. Victorious Cycles http://www.victorious.com
    Everyone desires to be victorious.

    2. Breakthrough Cycles http://www.breakthroughcycles.com
    Break through “the wall,” break-through design, break in a Breakthrough bike.

    3. Bon à tirer Cycles/ Frames (or B.A.T. Frames/ Cycles)
    (Best of the Edition in a the process of creating a print. There is only one of these as it is the final one of the Artist’s Proofs, the model of perfection which the whole edition will be identical to. Generally, once the printing of the whole edition is over, the artist destroys the matrix so that no additional prints can be made http://www.arttowngifts.com/Bon-tirer-Definition-s/835.htm)
    One of a kind originals: Bon à tirer Frames

    Not sure if this is cool or not, but Batman rode a Batcycle.

  28. Schnell Cycles

    schnellcycles.com is available

    Schnell = “quick” in German

    1970’s BMW marketing slogan when they launched 2002 in the United States -> “Goes Like Schnell”

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