A Crash Course in Adulthood

Today, I heard the heartbeat of my unborn child. The emotions it inspired were mixed — fear and excitement, primarily. I sat there and watched the heart action on the big screen and was dumbfounded. This little thing is 9 millimeters long, looks like a gummi bear, and is going to completely up-end my life. And I’m okay with that.

When the baby arrives (estimated launch date is 3-11-2012), in an 18-month span, I will have done the following:

  • gotten married
  • purchased my first house
  • had a child

And I’m surprisingly okay with all of it. Had to finish growing up sometime, right?

No, I won’t be posting ultrasound pics as my userpic on Twitter/Facebook/G+. No, I (probably) won’t babble about my kid on here incessantly. No, I won’t be boring. I promise to still do cool shit and write about it. I’m not sure how this impacts my plans for my 40th in Vegas next year, but we’ll see when the time comes.

4 thoughts on “A Crash Course in Adulthood

  1. What? You’re not going to change your profile pic to that of your unborn fetus? You SUCK! I expect your picture several months from now to be your wife’s baby bump. I kid, I kid. People like that drive me crazy. Wait…I think I turned into one of those boring people. In my defense, I have a kid attached to me at all times. It’s sort of inevitable that that’s what I talk about. Add me on G+, already.

    • The subject, to an extent, is unavoidable. I don’t resent people for talking about their kids — I just have an issue when it’s all they talk about and lose their own identity to the point where they live vicariously through the child.

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