A Few Random Things

  1. I got the Ambient Web Metrics device partially built and embedded in this site. There’s a write-up here. Every time you visit a page on this site, an angel gets its wings a white LED blinks. Pretty pleased about how it’s going, but at the same time, it was supposed to be a while-Kate’s-gone project. I’m saving the fine-tuning for that.
  2. Arduino (see “Ambient Web Metrics”, above) is pretty awesome.
  3. Some woes with installing the FSA TT chainrings on the crank for my Cervelo. Remember my complaint about the P2C shipping with a compact crank? Well, when boy genius (me) ordered the chainrings, he didn’t take into account that the cranks are a 110mm BCD, and the chainrings are a 130mm BCD. Ooops. Put crank for sale on Craigslist and Minneapolis Bike Love. Will roll proceeds into new crank.