A Few Things

1. This Friday marks four weeks remaining for Kate’s NC Biz Trip from Hell. I cannot tell you how excited I am that she’ll be home full-time again. She was home for 9 days recently, and wow it was tough to see her go. There might have been some choked-up sadness in the car when I left her at the airport. I’m just sayin’.

2. My cholesterol test that I had last week was bad. OMFG bad. Like “overhaul your diet and live on your bike” bad. The latter part of the equation I can live with. But I still want fatty, disgusting food. However, that’s not going to happen. Diet changed on Sunday morning, and I’ve been well-behaved and eating sensibly. Not a long stretch of time, granted, but please recount the old adage about a journey of a thousand miles.

3. The Las Cruces has been lobotomized, and I now have a few more chainrings sitting around, plus a front derailleur. Yup, I cut her down to a 1×10 for ‘cross season. My new shoes, which will hopefully prevent any sort of foot injury, have also arrived. I’ll be going through the heat-based form-fitting this coming Saturday, and we somehow managed to have a set of the Sidi half-inch toe spikes in stock, which should keep me rockin’ the muddy run-ups this year.

4. There’s more, but it’s mostly boring.