A Good Sunday, Except…

…except for the part where my mom called me to let me know that her cat, Lynx, had died in the middle of the night, it was a pretty good day.

Lynx. One cool tabby.

That morning, I decided to try the drive up to Princeton to do some framebuilding. We’d suffered a pretty heavy ice storm during the night and having driven in it at about 1:30 in the morning, I was pretty wary of getting back out there. Fortunately, all the main roads were fine. The side streets were only a tiny percentage of the trip, so I went.

Upon arrival, I was super-productive. Right away, I sweated the canti brake stop and the derailleur cable stop off, and filed down the area they’re intended to sit and got the two parts into the hydrochloric acid to start the clean-up process on both of them. While the bike cooled and the parts soaked, I worked on Justin’s and Paul’s bikes. In the end, I accomplished all of the following:

  • finalized the commuter (it still needs clean-up work, but is basically done)
  • cold-set Paul’s BB/ST and joined up the two main subassemblies
  • got Justin’s HT/DT mitered and tinned, and the BB/ST mitered and tinned
  • got the pursuit frame underway with a tack-and-tinning of the BB/ST
Paul's Bike on the Table
Paul's bike, laid on the blueprint, ready to tack DT into BB.

And so things are coming along quite nicely. I’ll be back in the workshop on Friday. During that time, I’ll do the following:

  • remove any headset twist from Paul’s bike and prep the top tube and lugs
  • cold-set Justin’s ST, double check the HT angle, build fillets and join the ST/BB combo to the HT/DT combo
  • miter and join the HT and DT for the pursuit bike
  • prep BB for Andrew’s bike