A Quick Series of Things

As my workload at home and the office has increased, I have found myself gradually updating this page less and less. Hell, I’ve even gotten spotty with my Twitter updates.

So things that are worth noting:

  • Kate and I are still very much in love and I can’t remember being more comfortable or happy to be with someone else. Last night, we decided to move in together, with a target date of December 1st. This means I’ll be paying double rent in December (the last month in my old place), but that’s a small price to pay. When we made the decision, I got butterflies in my stomach — nervous, excited, and happy, all at once. She’s the one. And I’ve never been more sure of anything.
  • Swimming lessons are going…swimmingly. Okay, it might be a little too early for a pun like that, but tonight is the second of my fifteen lessons. By the end of this, I should be swimming on my own. I’m going to take further lessons to work on improving my stroke and efficiency, of course. For now, though, I am very excited. I’m doing something I’ve meant to do for a long time now, and hitting one of my New Year’s Resolutions (“take classes, learn more stuff”).
  • I shelved my weird adventure novel in favor of a more obtuse idea, which is going to be more interesting to write. Indirect first contact with an alien species dubbed “the CEOs”, post-humans, and all sorts of other weirdness tied together. Should be a fun time.
  • I have two simultaneous bike projects underway — a singlespeed 29’er mountain bike and (finally) my track bike. The MTB is the priority because over the winter, I’ll be able to use it. Both are going to go slowly, as when Kate and I move in, we’re going to need to buy stuff like more bookshelves, and one of those fancy-schmancy Sleep Number Bed Mattress Things.
  • I’ve got an Ubuntu box on my desk now, running alongside the Mac. It’s working (more or less), but anyone who tells me that Linux is a desktop-ready solution for an operating system is going to get bitchslapped. Near future upgrades will include a new wifi card with a compatible chipset (so that I can get rid of the 50-foot ethernet cable running across the living room), and a second SATA drive with a WinXP Home install.
  • Shut up! It’s so I can run productivity software. Like Civilization 3 and 4.
  • In the same vein, I need to reorganize my LAN — no more DHCP. Going to have to assign IPs to the Mac, Linux/Winbox, Wii, PS3, and iPhone. (My network seems less crowded without the Vonage box between the Airport and Internet, and without the TiVo.)
  • More later.

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