A Real-Live Update and Stuff

So it’s been almost a week since my last post here. I’ve been really busy at the office which leaves me exhausted at night (my prime-time for writing), so I haven’t done much here. So I’m writing this at about 6 a.m. on Thursday morning, and will schedule it to appear later today.

Things are going well. Seriously. Despite the busy factor (which is only going to get worse).

Training has been going pretty well. I’m on-track and hoping to have a solid season. First race is on April 17th.

I start back at Penn Cycle this Saturday. In order to accomplish everything I need to, I’ll have to hit the gym early Saturday morning. I’m fine with that.

Framebuilding session, most likely, on Sunday. Left Paul a voicemail, haven’t heard anything back. Want to get that 29’er done and off to paint.

Last night, Kate and I had a really good discussion about the future. We’re going to start setting up my facilities after honeymoon (so late September), which is cool. We’ll file the LLC, find a space to rent, and start hitting it hard. I’ve had more requests from people for frames in the past couple of months than I thought possible, and I love the idea of putting them on bikes that they’ll love. So for now, I must be patient.