A Springtime Bloodbath

As someone much wiser than me once observed: a keytar is like a crysknife — it must draw blood each time it is unsheathed before being sheathed again.

Kudos to these guys for drawing blood.

In the mindset of drawing blood, tonight I will be grinding out a couple hours on the trainer and hitting the weights. I’m dreaming of spring a lot lately, and seeing the two robins in the tree outside my living room window on Sunday has done much to make that happen more often.

The 29’er comes together, as you’ve probably noticed from my previous post. Just ordered up some new disc brake mounts from Paragon Machineworks to sexy up that bitch. Been scouting the Twin Cities for a painter. Chris Kvale is a possibility, but I want to get quotes from other painters before I commit to anything.

Frostbike 2010 also approaches, and I’ll be in attendance. For me, this late February tradeshow held at QBP always marks the final countdown to my first ride out on the sand-and-slush encrusted roads in March. Not sure what the “big thing” will be this year — last year for me, it was Shimano’s Di2 stuff. I wanted to hate it and wound up loving it. The down economy in 2009 leads me to believe that there won’t be a “big new product” this year — merely refinements on previous items.

Mostly, though, I’m just looking forward to warmer weather and seeing this happen with less frequency:

Calvin somehow discovered that these things were awesomely warm.
Calvin somehow discovered that these things were awesomely warm.

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