A Very Busy Weekend

So I didn’t end up taking Friday completely off, as planned. I hopped in to the office and did four and a half hours of overtime, which I’m cool with. The extra money helps, what with that wedding coming up. So yeah. From there, I went home and killed time until Kate got off work. I could have ridden my bike for a bit, but I opted to play video games. Kate came home, we loaded up the car, and drove to Duluth to accomplish a few things on Saturday for the wedding.

Friday night, we managed to walk into a bar where there was, quite literally, no one present. No bartenders, no employees, no customers. Everything was lit up, the TVs were talking, but it was otherwise still, and quiet. It was quite creepy. Almost immediately, we walked out and started making jokes about the zombie apocalypse.

So Saturday, we got up early, had room service, and then went out and hit the town for our mission to kick ass in our wedding prep. Our first stop was the rose garden, where we’re having our ceremony. The plan was to find the power outlet we’ll need for the PA. We were unsuccessful. Not a good start, to be sure, but things got better. Next up, we hit the cake place, finalized our decisions, and then put a deposit on the cake. Rock. Then we started hitting up salons to find her a wedding-day hair appointment. The coup de grace was finding our wedding night suite. Those were the big things to deal with on this trip. So we hung around Duluth a little more, ate lunch at Grandma’s and had a nice walk along the Superior shore before we drove home.

Sunday, wow. Um. We spent almost $80 at the laundromat and got completely caught up on Laundry Everest. Then we went to a barbecue at Heather’s place.

On Monday, I drove up to Princeton for another session with the framebuilding. Got some good headway on finishing the fillets on the 29’er frame and the top tube and lugs for the commuter frame are mitered and prepped, respectively. The drive up wasn’t bad, the drive down was a shitstorm, as everyone was heading south from their cabins. Oof.

So, all in all, a very busy weekend.

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  1. You did $80 worth of laundry? I don’t have enough clothing, if I washed literally everything I have, to equal $80.

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