Another 101 Things in 1001 Days

Tomorrow being my 40th birthday, and today not being the end of the world per the Mayan Calendar, it seems like a fantastic idea to do this again! In the next 1001 days, I will accomplish the following list. This sets the completion date at Saturday, September 18th, 2015 (the day before Kate’s 36th birthday). This time, I strove to be more realistic with my ideas.

Anything with the strikethrough is completed. Anything in italics is currently underway.

Bike (10 tasks)
1. Build Sam a strider bike
2. Build personal commuter frame
3. Build personal cyclocross frame
4. Build personal track frame
5. Finish the Almanzo 100
6. Go MTBing in Moab
7. Hone my wheelbuilding skills
8. Race at the velodrome
9. Ride at least once per week
10. Ride the Maah Daah Hey trail

Bike Biz (13 tasks)
11. Attend a handbuilt bike show other than Minnecycle
12. Buy a lathe for my workshop
13. Design and develop a fork crown
14. Design and manufacture a spoke carrier set
15. Design and manufacture a track dropout
16. Figure out a lesson plan for framebuilding – completed January 2013
17. Install a DRO on my Mill
18. Start compiling my notes in a “Beyond Paterek” book for all the little tips/tricks
19. Start dabbling in stainless steel
20. Teach someone the craft of framebuilding
21. Using raw materials, build a serial number plate fixture – completed December 2012
22. Using raw materials, build my own chainstay fixture
23. Using raw materials, build my own seatstay fixture

Career (1 task)
24. Make director level

Charity (2 tasks)
25. Buy a gift for Toys for Tots each year (2/4)
26. Do 50 hours of volunteer work @ a cat shelter (0/50)

Creativity (3 tasks)
27. Create movie on building a bike
28. Design a new font
29. Release old fonts under the GPL

Entertainment (4 tasks)
30. Go to at least three concerts (1/3)

Saw: Kodo (Japanese taiko drumming)
31. Learn to play Go
32. Ride 10 new (to me) roller coasters (0/10)
33. Watch 10 Academy Award (“Best Picture”) movies that I haven’t seen previously (5/10)

Watched: The King’s Speech, No Country for Old Men, Platoon, Chariots of Fire, Bridge on the River Kwai,

Experiences (4 tasks)
34. Drive a Ferrari or Lamborghini
35. Go skydiving
36. Jump off the Stratosphere in Vegas
37. Watch a meteor shower – completed, June 2014
Not nearly as impressive as had been advertised.
Family (5 tasks)
38. Drop Edwin @ grandparents’ place, take weekend with wife
39. Finish microchipping the cats (0/2)
40. Start teaching Edwin to read
41. Take Edwin to a Vikings game
42. Teach Edwin to ride a bike

Food (3 tasks)
43. Learn to make beer
44. Plant a garden – completed June 2013
45. Try 10 new (to me) restaurants (10/10) – completed April 2014

Lyndale Taphouse, FACES Mears Park, Solera, Wildcats, Old Spaghetti Factory, Clyde Iron Works (Duluth), Quang, The Roasted Pear, Day Block Brewery, Lion’s Tap

Geek (11 tasks)
46. Tackle my Garage Rocket project
47. Build one project from MAKE
48. Buy a telescope
49. Create WP Theme, GPL Release
50. Get a new Mac
51. Get my Reddit karma up over 2000. (2610/2000) – completed March 2013
52. Learn PHP
53. Learn Ruby on Rails
54. Redesign template for this blog
55. Write a cool web app
56. Write an iPhone app

Health/Appearance (10 tasks)
57. Complete the 100 push-up program
58. Complete the Insanity workout program
59. Get my six-pack abs back
60. Get teeth laser whitened
61. Get two more tattoos
62. Run a 10K
63. Run a 5K
64. Run a half-marathon
65. Run a marathon
66. Stop drinking soda

House (7 tasks)
67. Finish insulating garage
68. Get Eddy a jungle gym
69. Establish a chore schedule (1 task per day) and stick to it – completed January 2013
70. Install natural gas heat in garage
71. Plant a tree in the backyard
72. Put a fire pit in the backyard
73. Repair, strip, re-seal, and paint the deck

Learning (6 tasks)
74. Identify 10 constellations (1/10)
The Winter Triangle,
75. Join Toastmasters
76. Take a community ed class on small biz
77. Take snowboarding lessons
78. Take UBI course on titanium framebuilding/TIG welding
79. Try out for Jeopardy! (again)

Money (3 tasks)
80. Contribute to my 401K regularly
81. Save all my spare change for 1001 days, or until the container is full
82. Start Edwin’s college fund

Personal Growth (4 tasks)
83. Log data each year on: movies, reading, writing, workouts, and workshop time
84. No TV for a month
85. Spend an entire day in a vow of silence
86. Visit my grandfather’s grave – completed June 2013

Social (4 tasks)
87. Go on group bike ride at least once per month
88. Host a Superbowl Party
89. Host Poker Night 3 times

Travel (4 tasks)
90. Get my passport stamped again (even if it’s just Canada)
91. See Carhenge
92. Visit Vegas yet again
93. Wisconsin Dells!

Writing/Reading (8 tasks)
94. Finally bite the bullet and do a NaNoWriMo
95. Purchase the Far Side Collection
96. Read A Confederacy of Dunces – completed January 2013
97. Read Gravity’s Rainbow
98. Read two Ernest Hemingway novels (0/2)
99. Read two William Faulkner novels (0/2)
100. Self-publish two medium-length works (~50K words) (0/2)
101. Write a novel (minimum 100K words)

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