Another Monday, Another Weekend Gone

Frame progress. Click to enbiggenate.

So another weekend is in the books. This one’s kind of a wash.

Friday, I got laid off from Penn. A downer, to be sure, but at the same time, I’m not really surprised. It’s been pretty slow there so far, plus we were overstaffed every time I was there. Thus. Yeah, well, you know. That evening was a barbeque at MK’s, which was a lot of fun. Saw some friends, met some new ones, and saw MK not incinerate herself while eating fire. I was very glad she didn’t because that would be sad, despite how many YouTube hits I could have gotten from it.

Saturday. Hangover. Slept a lot. Played a lot of Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Spent a bunch of time on the couch with Kate.

Sunday, framebuilding. Spent a ton of time getting the seatstays mitered for the frame — like most of the day. They’re very complex cuts, and they’re being done by hand, so it was very time-consuming. But hey, they’re fitted and ready to be attached to the frame during my next session, which will result in a frame that’s essentially done. There’s some small stuff left after that, and then it goes off to paint. In the evening, Kate and I went to Legend’s for dinner. The bacon-wrapped rib tips were pretty underwhelming. The BLT was absolute heaven, though.

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  1. Yes, that would have put a damper on the rest of the party, at least for me. Also glad I didn’t incinerate myself. Fun times. Thanks for coming.

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