Another Novel Update

Things are plodding along methodically with the writing of the novel. I’ve been, as I mentioned, using the Novelist’s Boot Camp as a way of keeping myself on-task and moving forward, rather than scurrying from half-formed idea to half-formed idea like an A.D.D. squirrel on crack. So far, it’s working. I’m at the stage where I’m writing biographies for my major characters, and have started with my main protagonist.

I’m learning things about the dude, and it’s going pretty well.

During the process, I’m going to sneak in some time for some research. Since it’s a s.f. novel, and I’m setting it on a planet with a known geography (Mars), I need to rustle up a good map of the planet and start figuring out where these bases are, and where the connecting road will travel. Maybe I should tinker with Google Mars and try and create an overlay? (See? Squirrel on crack.)

I may spend some time after I get off the bike tonight, see if I can’t get half these bios done. I’ve got a few cycling posts that I need to write for this, too, and I can probably wrap those up tonight, as well.