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Going to try to get a few more posts up this week. Going to be busy again, but probably not batshit crazy like last week. A few new things to report:

1. Framebuilding. You knew this was coming, didn’t you? Yeah, well. Here’s what’s up — all that’s left is mounting the disc brake tabs, water bottle mounts, and filing down the fillets, and then the bike is done and ready to go to paint. The most-difficult part of the build is done — the running of the internal cable routing through the fork, something that I haven’t seen done before. The brake cable housing enters through the top of the right fork blade, goes through the steerer tube, and out mid-way down the left blade.

2. Feline Drama. We’re cat-sitting for a few weeks, and have integrated the young lad into our household. When I say “integrated”, what I really mean is that “none of the cats has called for artillery fire or close air support yet.” There’s still some hissing and growling, but I suspect by mid-week, everything should be fine. My only problem so far is being able to visually discern between Happy and Max — I have a very difficult time with it, as the only real difference is their facial structures. Also, he has been roaming around meowing at the top of his lungs repeatedly, like he’s lonely or looking for someone/something.

3. Registration! We finally went ahead and did our wedding registries on Sunday. Another item off the list! Woohoo! This coming weekend, we have a few more things to do, but at least this is done. And bear in mind that Kate hates shopping and I’ve been having upper back problems again (C6-C7 disc degradation), and we not only didn’t kill each other, but we had a pretty pleasant time. We hit up Macy’s and Target, and we have an Amazon list with a few things on it. And that’s it. This coming weekend, we’re headed to Duluth for food tastings and more prep. Fun!

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