Another Update and I’m on a Roll

So TempCat™, Max, goes back to Jimmy’s place this Sunday, and I’m really going to miss the goofy bastard. He’s been settled into our routine nicely, and I’m getting attached to the guy, which sucks. Kate was right when she said that he fit neatly into the empty spot that Mooch left. He didn’t replace Mooch, not by any means, but he filled the little hole in our family. I seriously doubt we’ll get a fifth cat, what with the plan to have a kid, and all that.

The framebuilding stuff continues to gather steam. I’m pulling together the paint masks right now, have figured out a logo that will work as a head tube badge for frames made in 2010, and am looking at business card pricing, all the things I need to be ready for Minnecycle. As soon as the 29’er is finished, I’m going to charge straight on ahead and get the commuter done so I can start riding that sucker to work.

The 101 Things in 1001 Days gig stalled for a little while there. Tonight, though, I start learning Japanese online (#93), and I start laying down the HTML for the first of the three WordPress themes (#80), which I’ll be releasing here as soon as it’s done. And in about two weeks, I’ll be ordering the telescope kit from MakerShed (#86). I’ll be making my appointment for teeth whitening (#50) this week. Additionally, I will be starting to set up one of the two shoeboxes for children in the Third World (#66) soon, too. Getting over the loss of Mooch (#68) is essentially done — I can look at pictures of her and talk about her without getting choked-up, but I still miss her — I have one final thing to do before I am ready to lay all of it to rest, and I’ll write about that when it happens. So June is going to be a productive month, I think.

Anyway, much left to do with my day, so I’m going to get moving. Hope you’re all well.