Another Weekend in the Books

Man, I’m exhausted. But happy. A few highlights:

• TempCat™ has gone back from whence he came. I’ll miss the little bastard. During the last few weeks, he’s become more affectionate and playful and has been fun to have around. I also won’t miss the little bastard. Five cats is just too damn many, and the 25% bump in food and cat litter usage was no damn fun.

• Saw my parents yesterday for a few hours. When I found out that they’re relying on a plow service, I offered to buy their old snowblower for $100. They agreed. I’ll pick it up after we’ve moved. I’m so hard-core about it, I’m paying for it out of my own personal spending money. I really hate shoveling that much and with my upper-back issues, it’s probably not a good idea to do it anyway.

• I read about the Pomodoro Technique in an article in The Atlantic (an interview with a writer from Cheers) and it looks damned intriguing. I think co-mingling that with the Getting Things Done methodology is going to produce some interesting results. I’ll mention that more here as things evolve.

• There’s other stuff, but I am too tired to contemplate it.