Another Weekend in the Books

So I had this awesomely huge to-do list for the weekend, and was all gung-ho about getting through it. Saturday morning, I woke up, attacked it and lasted until about 1pm before I decided that I was done. I did manage to get in a good ride, hit up Target for some necessities, and wash both the WRX and the Fit.

I did read a few hundred more pages of Stephenson’s Anathem. Like everything he wrote after Cryptonomicon, it’s kind of slow going. It’s not that it’s boring, it’s that it’s dense with ideas. And that slows me down a bit. There’s the paperback edition of another book (not by Mr. Stephenson) I’ve been wanting to read and that’s coming out tomorrow, so I’ll be hitting up B&N and shoving it to the top of the to-read list.

In addition to my reading, I also watched the entire first season of Big Bang Theory, which I scored at Target for $16 on DVD. (Awesome show. Something you should really be watching, particularly if you’re a geek.)

Dinked around with the money a bit — planning and thinking work.

Had a great talk with Kate. Aired out some of the emotional difficulties surrounding her long business trip, and as a result, I think we’re on the same sheet of music, and stronger for it. Have I mentioned that I love that woman? Yeah, well, I do.

So I’ve gone and done it again — another post laden with trivia about how I spent my weekend, and how I’m goofy-in-love with my fianceé. I’ve got some more interesting/substantive stuff forthcoming, I swear.