Arduino Geeking

So I’ve been having the urge to make stuff again. I think that this week, I’m going to spend a little bit of time getting my Ambient Web Metrics package up and working again. I have all the stuff I need — except time. I’m pretty sure I can find another fifteen minutes during which I can apply the solder gun, carve up the project case with the Dremel tool, and hook it back up to the Mac.

This will be just getting my feet wet again, and getting back into the Arduino mindset.

Ultimately, I’ve got projects that are going to require a couple more of these boards, which I still need to acquire. One will be used as part of the Dashbrain package I’m working on, and the second I need to trick my Mac into recognizing as an input device for another Top Sekrit™ project I’ve got going, which will be both fun and nearly useless.

I’ll update on this again when I have the Ambient Web Metrics working.

1 thought on “Arduino Geeking”

  1. There are a couple of arduino-like boards (same processor) that omit the FTDI232, meaning you have to supply your own, but that’s not expensive. Digikey sells them integrated into a cable for about $15, and you can use it to program a board that’s going to be stand-alone thereafter. That gives you smaller, cheaper boards. Sparkfun’s mini and lilypad are both designed around that general idea. I’ve built a couple myself, but insofar as mine are hand-made boards, their reliability is suspect. But boy they sure are cheap: about $8 each.

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