August Awesome 1st

Hell yeah, what a day. What a weekend, really. Been rocking the bike stuff hard.

Friday night started with Minnecycle 2010. Showed up and had an awesome time. Hung out with Paul and Vincent, met Curt Goodrich and had a good chat with him after a bit of a go-’round on a mailing list. Took a bunch of photos, which are here.

Saturday was more Minnecycle, while Kate was off at her bachelorette party. As I write this, it’s 8pm and she’s sound asleep on the couch. Beyond the Minnecycle stuff, my only other real accomplishment was getting the WRX super-cleaned. Thank you, Mr. Car Wash. You are awesome.

Today. Oh, why can’t all days be this productive? I got up. I made a quick entry over at the wedding site, noted that there’s only 35 days left until THE BIG DAY™. Then I loaded up the car and got over to Paul’s for framebuilding. During that time I accomplished the following:

  • Frame modification for paying customer.
  • Started on custom fork for paying customer.
  • Removed 31mm from length of 29er fork, re-sleeved socketed dropouts and re-built.
  • Cold-set/aligned the back end of the 29’er frame.
  • Faced the head tube for installation of the headset.

Tonight, I’m going to start prepping the 29er for a quick build-out tomorrow, and I’m going to take it for a short test spin and see how it goes. There’s a few cosmetic things I’m waiting on before she can definitely go to paint. But yeah, so incredibly stoked about it.

I’ll shoot some pictures of it tomorrow after the parts are on it.