Awesome Weekend

Holy shit, what a fucking fantastic weekend. Coming into Wednesday, I was thinking I was going to be seeing Rogue One and watching the Vikings on Sunday.

As it turned out, I wound up winning a pair of tickets to the Vikings/Colts game via my new employer. So: game in the new stadium, box seats, unlimited food/drink. Pimp ass tickets. I decided to extend the first invitation to my buddy Josh, whom I’ve known since my second sophomore year of college. He lives in Colorado and I don’t get to see the guy often enough. I was hoping he’d be home/in-town for the weekend. That wasn’t in the cards, but apparently, buying a last-minute plane ticket was. He’d be flying in on Saturday and arriving just before my Rogue One plans.

I will keep the following stuff spoiler-free.

Saturday: Rogue One

Holy shitbuckets, what a great movie. Saw it at the ICON in St. Louis Park, with reserved seating, and had a blast. Seriously a fun movie, if more than a bit dark. I had an epiphany about the series while walking from the theater to Rojo for appetizers/drinks — the original seven movies are war movies in the way a John Wayne movie is — deaths are noble, deserved, and clean, and never happen to the main characters. By contrast, Rogue One, is the Saving Private Ryan of the Star Wars movies. People die, in large numbers and sometimes in very senseless ways.

Josh had a great observation that they didn’t manage to make us care about the characters, particularly in contrast to Episodes 4-7. While I agreed with him at the time, I don’t necessarily agree with him now. I think that part of the reason we care about the characters of the original trilogy as much as we do is because of the amount of time we’ve invested in them. We know the characters’ quirks, parts of their backstories, we’ve discussed them at-length. They’re familiar to us. So we feel like we’ve always been emotionally invested. The characters in Rogue One are entirely new to us, with a few minor exceptions, and those old characters are largely pushed off to supporting roles, which is actually kind of awesome.

It touches on the realism of war without devolving into a Normandy-style bloodbath1, it builds slowly to a crescendo that is eminently watchable, even while being darker than Empire, and by the end you find yourself caring about the little team of rebels, and hoping that they’ll find a way to survive.

It was great. I desperately want to go see it on an IMAX screen.

Sunday: Fucking Cold, But Also: Vikings-Colts

So Sunday we woke up, and after breakfast, we headed over to the stadium for the Vikings-Colts game. The club-level seats were amazeballs. The game, however, was not. We were down 27-0 at the half, and didn’t even score until late in the third quarter. By that time, I was merely availing myself of the free food and beer/drinks, and checking up on my fantasy football stats. It was cold as balls outside, but fortunately, we got there early enough where we were parked only about 50 feet from the door to the skyway, and it was all internal from there out.

I’d previously been to the stadium, and while it was strictly for a tour, I didn’t really get a feel for it until I had to navigate it. And access to the club levels are poorly marked and poorly implemented. Other than that, though? Pretty nice setup.

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US Bank Stadium Club Purple Panorama