Back At It: Training

Officially, I’m back at training. My back, generally, is okay now…the cortisone shots seem to have resolved everything pain-wise, so I’m feeling about 90%. Every so often I get sharp twinges of pain, or tingling spreading up and down my back, but that’s the exception, rather than the rule.

Sunday, I hit the gym and crushed the weights.

  • bench press
  • lat pulldown
  • seated row
  • leg press
  • calf raise
  • step-up (14″ box)
  • russian twist
  • knee raise
  • back extensions
  • swiss ball crunches

I’ll be doing this weight training twice a week for the next four weeks, as I’m in the AA phase (anatomic adaptation) of things. I’ll also be riding stationary fairly frequently, too, which sucks, as it always does, but getting base miles on my legs is important.

I’ve also been reading Foundation, as part of the plan to rehab my back completely.

It’s going to be an interesting season. I will probably race a few road events this year for the sake of getting my legs back under me. I’m in for the Almanzo 100, the Powderhorn 24, possibly a few other gravel events, and maaaaybe cyclocross season. We’ll see. It depends on how the training pans out.