Beat Down

Oh man, Kate whupped my ass last night in the pool. She’s my swimming instructor, you see. We’re actually to the point where I am swimming freestyle and side-breathing, and I feel like I’m making progress. Today, I am truly sore after swimming for the first time ever. My legs are exhausted and sore, and even my shoulders and forearms are torched.

After that, I had to drive to a couple of Targets so I could find a place to exchange our copy of WALL-E (Deluxe Blu-Ray edition). Our copy had two copies of disc one, which was a bit of a downer. Anyway, that accomplished, I hauled ass home.

At home, Kate and I spent a few hours unpacking, getting the kitchen into some semblance of order, finishing around 11:30. Then we sat on the couch while I did some Battlefield: Bad Company online. Went to bed around midnight.

Exhausted. But calm and happy.

This weekend, I’ll be drawing up my pre-season training program for the timeframe of November 2008 through March 2009. Fun!