Behavioral Modification

Lately, I’ve been contemplating trying to accomplish more than I have the past few years. I’m one of those guys who keeps a dozen projects going at one time, and I flit from one to the next in these huge bursts of energy that require tons of mental rest. It gets so exhausting sometimes that it almost seems like having the idea is just as good as executing the idea. And I’m sick of that.

So I’ve taken to modifying my behavior. I’ve made a list of my projects, and I’ve broken them down into small tasks. Nothing longer than an hour. This will accommodate my short attention span, and actually allow me to make progress on these things. I tested it on Wednesday night and it went pretty well — I was hampered by staying at a late business dinner, so two of the items on my list were left incomplete. The first was a run to the bank (closed), the second was completely finishing the build of my weight rack. With the time I had available, I got halfway through the latter.

Thursday night was also productive. I’m pleased with this.

In addition to this modification to my routine, I’m setting up a queue. I’m not allowed to have any more projects going than I currently do. So I have to finish one of the current batch before I can put another one on the list.

There are also recurrent items on the list that are household chores that are being broken down into easy-to-address tasks. Instead of having a big laundry day (which sucks), I’m concentrating on doing a single load per day.

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  1. You probably already have a system but if you haven’t, maybe check out the Things app for the iPhone. It’s by far the most I’ve paid for an app but it’s pretty slick and I’ve been getting used to using it to slot projects, tasks, etc.

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