Bike Recap

The email list sign-up campaign worked like a champ. I’ve already determined the winner and have sent an email. The full breakdown of the contest, and so on, will be detailed in next month’s email newsletter. I did manage to significantly increase the size of my mailing list, which I’m very happy about.

The Almanzo 100? Well, let’s just say that I made one of the smarter choices in my life during the morning of my race. We woke up, looked at the weather report, and said, “Yeah, fuck this.” With wind chills floating around the freezing point and rain falling from the sky, a hundred miles of unsupported riding on muddy gravel with poor cellphone coverage seemed like a really bad idea. So Damon, Dan, and I decided to call it before we even started and went and scored some breakfast. A good thing.

The cyclocross bike. I finished the reworking of the bike on Thursday night, and then did some minor tweaks to it on Friday night, in prep for what was to be its last race. My plan has been to sell the frame and fork and to build myself a new one. That plan is still underway, but I’m going to try to get my frame done before I sell the old one. The new one will be lugged steel (Platinum OX). Should be a fun ride.

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