Bike Update

So yeah, haven’t spoken about the bike stuff lately, have I? More than a week, anyway. Here’s what’s shaking:

• I’ve decided to sell dad’s old Peugeot so that I can apply that to materials costs for my framebuilding. The same applies to my Surly Cross-Check. I’m going to strip it down (which I’ve been waffling on doing for two weeks now) and use that to buy the lugs and tubes to replace it with one of my own construction.

• Trying to figure out where to acquire the money to pay for the paint jobs, decals, head tube badges, and the remaining parts I need for these builds. In the case of the 29’er, I have everything but the hubs and headset. In the case of the ‘cross frame that I’ll be starting on soon, I’ll need, well, everything, as it’s going to be my single-speed race machine. That’ll come from the part-time gig restarting in March or so.

• I’ve rebranded. Yeah, the name Ferocious Cycles just wasn’t doing it for me. It always reminded me too much of Vicious Cycles, which bugged me more than I can tell you. On Wednesday of last week, I decided I was going to rebrand with something better. In the time since, I’ve registered a domain name, gotten the new web template about 75% complete, and doing a sketch of a head tube badge that I’m absolutely thrilled with. (I couldn’t come up with one for Ferocious that “wowed” me.) As soon as the site is live, I’ll be sharing that stuff here.

• I had class this weekend and it was awesome. About ten hours of time on my feet (except for when I was welding), and I came home physically exhausted by mentally super-charged. In that time, I mostly finished the front end of the BMX bike we’re building for Paul’s daughter. Then I got started on my 29’er (finally!) — I ovalized the bottom of the seat tube and prepped the eccentric bottom bracket. The seat tube has been attached, and I manufactured the cinch bolt sleeves for the bottom of the shell. I also had my first exposure to silver brazing, removing fork blades from one crown, and putting the steerer tube into another.

• My next class is Saturday, and I expect we’ll be doing the back end of the BMX frame, plus I’ll be progressing on the 29’er frame. The downtube for that is going to be bi-axially ovalized1, and I’ll probably attach it to the head tube at that time, too.

• The MadScience™ ideas for bikes keep coming fast and furious. I’ve come to the realization that in addition to classic, well-made frames I need to do some exotic/weird stuff to get myself noticed and stand out from the crowd. To that end, I’d like to have four or five bikes built to show at NAHBS2 in 2011.

• I still need to toss a pitch to Bicycling re: an article I’ve had in mind for awhile now.

1. The tube is crimped in a vise so that it’s out of round at both ends. At the front of the bike, that oval has the long ends vertically, and at the bottom bracket shell, it’s ovalized 90° in the other direction. What this does is increases lateral stiffness at the BB shell and vertical stiffness at the head tube.

2. North American Handmade Bicycle Show.