Bike Update

First and foremost is the framebuilding thing — I’ve got my class again this weekend, and this time I promise to remember my camera. I should have the front triangle of the 29’er completed and, hopefully, some serious progress completed on the commuter frame.

I have the paint scheme figured out for the 29’er, and think I’ve finally nailed-down the colors for the commuter. As for parts, the commuter is inheriting all the old parts from my Surly Cross-Check, but I’ll be upgrading the crank (Shimano 105) and the headset (Chris King). And I’ve gone through and taken stock of the parts still needed for the 29’er build — pedals are on order. Next week, I’ll be ordering up another batch of stuff for it.

On the training/racing side of the equation, things stalled for a bit. My left knee was starting to get a bit grind-y from overuse, so I dialed it back. That didn’t help so I took a couple weeks off. I resume training tonight. I’ve opted out of the Durand RR, which is on the 17th. I still have the Ironman 100 on the 25th, and the Alamanzo 100 in the middle of May. After that, the racing schedule friggin’ explodes.

I’ve re-written my training plan, with the State Cyclocross Championship as my primary target for the year.

I’m also back at the bike shop again. I missed that place. Fun people, fun work, and still learning new stuff every day.