3D Printed Bicycle Tools

With my sudden access to a 3D printer during 2016, and an overwhelming urge to spend less money on bike stuff (well, stuff in general), I decided to start hammering out a bunch of designs that are available for download. No, I won’t print them for you — I’m not a service bureau. In some cases, I may have spares, which will be noted next to the item. Spares are free — just get ahold of me and I’ll be happy to send you one. Most of these are printed from ABS plastic, and I’m sure some of them would work great in Nylon 12. I haven’t tried PLA, and don’t plan to.

PowerTap Hub Tool

powertap I designed this little gem because I didn’t really feel like dropping $10 on something I could design from nothing and have printed in a matter of a few hours. If this doesn’t pan out, I’ll try to find a 3D model of the endcap so I can use it as a negative, and redesign this from scratch. Current status: Design failed. Looking for a 3D model of the battery cap so that I can design a wrench that better fits the cap.

The Wall Hook Project

wheel_hook_v2I wanted an efficient way to hang a pair of wheels in a single spot, and I’ve been plugging away at this for a bit now. The first version works…just not well enough. The overlap between the wheels is too big and the end result is that the outer wheel’s skewer still bumps into the spokes of the inner wheel and it results it in sitting at a funny angle away from the wall. Current status: Designing version 3.0.

Truing Stand

OpenSourceTruingStandThis is my big project. I didn’t want to shell out the cash for a high-end Park Tool truing stand, and being really disappointed with their low-budget option, I decided that I was going to design my own. Something that could accommodate hub widths from 100mm to 200mm. Current status: in design phase.

Frame Fixture

This is something that’s been in my head for awhile now. It sure as hell would NOT be used for anything involving brazing. (Though there’s a group out there that thinks that MDF is just fine for brazing on/near. Dumb.) This, of course, hints strongly at my interest in starting to play around with carbon fiber. Like the truing stand, this would be based off of an 8020 main structure. I’m still noodling around with sketches, based off of my experiences with the Bringheli fixture (hatred) and the Anvil fixtures (love). Current status: pipe dream.