Bikey Bikey Bikey, Plus One Other Thing

New training wheels should be finished tonight, and I’m pleased about that. I’ve got them all laced-up, but would rather pay Andy a case of beer to do the tensioning/rounding/truing, as he’s much better at that stuff than I am. I’ll be giving them a hard ride tomorrow, rain or shine, just to see how they play out. Will post the resulting data here, just to show you how out-of-shape I truly am.

Got the Birchwood Cyclocross Clinic on Saturday. Yeah, I’ve already raced ‘cross a few times, and yeah, I love me the crap out of it. It’ll be good to get out there, though, and sharpen my skills. I could be a lot faster on my dismounts than I currently am, and I’m sure that there’s a LOT that I don’t know that I need to learn before the season kicks off in September. This means I should tune-up the Salsa Las Cruces this week.

Related to ‘cross:
I need to start running again. Hills and sprints, mostly, but I want to do some endurance stuff to get the legs used to it again. Also, I need to find some better MTB shoes. Every time I run in my cheap Nikes, I injure my foot. Sidi Dominator 5s, maybe? We’ll see.

Unrelated to bikes: the new struts for the WRX should be here today, thank Christ. Hoping to get that work done on Saturday morning.