Bikey Bikey

So tomorrow, I am probably going to race the Black Dog TT. I use the term “race” loosely, as I won’t even be close to competitive, what with my “extensive” training program I’ve undertaken this spring, and the aerodynamic 20-pound beer gut I’m toting.

Tonight, I’m heading out to Burnsville to give the course a quick drive — I’m told that it’s a mish-mash of potholes and meteor craters and I’m not sure I want to put the Zipps into that kind of a situation. I got a couch to buy in the next few weeks and am not big on the idea of having to shell out $250 to crash-replace a wheel.

While down there, I’m picking up my dad’s old Peugeot, which I am going to park in the basement of my place. I’ve got some ideas afoot for what to do with it, but more on that later.

Tonight, I’ve got to get some minor maintenance work done on the fleet and gear:

  • the Salsa Campeon needs new brake pads on the rear — it has for awhile now, it’s just that the process of using a hammer to pound the Jagwire pads into the Zero Gravity holders isn’t what I’d call a fun time
  • put the pedals back on the Cervelo
  • install speed/cadence sensor on Cervelo
  • wash my cycling clothes
  • clean out gear bag
  • tune up the Surly Cross-Check for commuting

Got to throw some stuff on MplsBikeLove and Craigslist tonight. Old cyclecomputers, a crankset/BB, and so on.