So the shoulder’s feeling a lot better lately. Enough so that I think I’m going to make the ride to the office tomorrow. (Short day, plus three-day weekend = good time to experiment.)

• The Surly needs a couple of bits of attention tonight, however. First, I need to swing by the bike shop and get a bolt, washers and a few nuts to re-mount the fender, which has popped free from the mounting point between the chainstays. Cost: $0.00. Secondly, I need to re-wrap the bars. Cost: $0.00, since I already have extra bar tape. Lastly, I want to put some reflective tape on the frame. Cost: $0.00, since I already have the tape. I do love me some free repairs.

• Shimano’s gotten my SH-M310S shoes on the RA and the new ones should be back in my grubby little paws next week. A good thing, what with ‘cross season coming up and all. Going to be MUCH more careful during the fitting process the second time ’round. Need to get some plumber’s tape to secure the Sidi toe spikes I scored at the shop last month.

• Over on Livejournal, I’ve been reading a guy’s recaps of his brevet riding, and I think it’s something I might like to take a stab at. Since I’m going to be in the framebuilding biz starting at the end of this month, one of my learning projects will probably be a brevet frame. I want to do it up with some kickass little details. More on that as it develops.

• Speaking of framebuilding, I am going to make an announcement on Monday re: the results of my Win a Custom Frame contest and on the name of my framebuilding venture.

• Stopping by Grand Performance tonight to get my forefoot varus re-measured since I kinda, maybe uh, lost the data from my last set of measurements. Previously, the Bikefit guys did my measurements at Frostbike 2008.