Birthday Recap

The longest part of my day was sitting in the office, plugging away at my end-of-year reporting and analysis. Once it was time to go, it was time to go. My first thought when I hit the parking lot was, “Jesus, am I the only one who works a full eight hours?”

Stopped at mom’s place and got a few things — a gift card for Target, $40 cash that we were supposed to put toward dinner (and didn’t), a bicycle Christmas ornament, and another magnetic poetry set (haiku).

After that, I went home, met with Kate, and we got on with the birthdaying. (That’s a verb now.) I opened my gift, a copy of Avatar on Blu-Ray. First stop was Vertical Endeavors. The last time I went climbing was three days before I met Kate and my lack of form and fitness showed. A single 5.7 route was enough to leave me sweating and my hands trembling afterwards. Kate was wiped out pretty quickly, but enjoyed herself quite a bit. We’ll be back!

The evening concluded with a trip to Bulldog NE where I had a Californian sandwich (OMG NOM NOM) and some beer.

All in all, a quiet, low-key birthday. Not the type where your friends pump a million shots down your throat and then the girl you’ve just started dating shows up and sees you a drunken mess and then watches TV in your apartment while you barf your brains out in the bathroom and pass out. But just as fun!