Birthday/Xmas Gift Ideas

Honestly, I’m more excited about the fact that it’s Eddy’s first Christmas. Seriously. I really had to struggle to put together any sort of a list, but here it is — things that would make awesome birthday and/or Christmas gifts.

1. Right-angle drill, cordless, at least 18V. Milwaukee = ideal.
2. A 35-pound kettlebell.
3. A Wii U, with Super Marios Bros Wii U.
4. An iPad Mini, black, WiFi, 32GB.
5. A homebrewing starter kit from Northern Brewer.
6. Gift cards for Amazon, iTunes, or Home Depot.
7. A benchtop belt sander.
8. A Columbus Life tubeset from Nova (36mm head tube).
9. A horizontal bandsaw.
10. Hooded sweatshirts. Grey or black.
11. Snowboarding lessons and some gear (helmet, goggles, snowpants).
12. 32GB CompactFlash card.
13. A Raspberry Pi Model-B and enclosure.
14. The Far Side Collection.
15. New desk chair.