Hacks: June 2017

With my lack of posts you’d think that I somehow got a lot of stuff accomplished in June. You would, however, be wrong on that. June saw very little progress — in fact, I am largely just doing this for the sake of having an update for the month. I suck.


Those scripts I built last month to build out my webserver setups? Made upgrades. That’s about it.

3D Printing

Got the parts inventory done completely and have a solid idea of what I still need (really not much). Hoping to actually get the frame built in July.

Workspace (New Category!)

Until I can start framing out the basement space for a workshop, I’m considering the garage my work area (tool chests, frame fixture, etc.). In June, I bought a bunch of shelving and started really organizing the hell out of it. I’ve already freed up a great deal of room, which is nice, and I think that the goal is going to be getting that back corner of the basement framed out over the winter, which is going to involve some time with SketchUp.

CX Frame

Did some work on the fillets. Need to order a fork crown and get this thing done. Soonish.

Singlespeed Frame

It’s on pause until I have a full-time contract again and am not relying solely on freelance income. Once I’m back on that particular train, I’ll order the wheels and I’ll have a functional bike. I’ve got some future plans for it, too — over the winter, I’m going to add some braze-ons that a Surly Steamroller doesn’t normally have. Specifically, cable stops on the top tube for the rear brake cable, a set of water bottle braze-ons on the down tube, and fender mounts on the seatstays and the fork. If I’m feeling really saucy, I’ll braze up a pair of racks and add rack mounts, too. With the amount of powdercoat that has to come off to add all of these things, I’ll have a great excuse to resolve the Puke Yellow color. I’d love to paint it something bright/garish (like a purple to orange fade), but it’d be cheaper and more durable to do a single color of powdercoat. Either a metallic apple green or a blaze orange.

What I Learned in June

  • Nada.


  • There’s not enough hours in a day.

July Plans:

  • Build printer frame, get it complete to the point where I just have to acquire the last three parts (extruder head, glass plate, and extra servomotor for second material feed).
  • Fix some of the annoying little shit on this site that I have yet to resolve.
  • Get the pieces for the CX fork ordered, build fork.

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