Hacks: March 2016

One of the things that’s been good for my mental health is that I’m tinkering a lot more. I find that it definitely keeps me from overthinking the shitty parts of my life.

Software Based Fun

Hipsterbot — grabs a block of text from hipsterjesus via the API, breaks it up into an array of sentences that are less than 140 characters, and then picks one at random to tweet.

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Image Credits: geralt.

New Geek Project: Push Notifications

So one of the things I’ve been looking to do lately is get a push notifications platform working with WordPress so I can do alerts to an iPhone/iPad/Mac when content is updated on the site. In looking around, the plugins to do this all cost exorbitant amounts ($29+/month, or hundreds of dollars one-time cost), and since I’ve been wanting to get an Apple Dev account set up for awhile now, I opted to drop a hundo yesterday and get it going. Here’s how the first project is going to play out:

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Image Credits: lmonk72.