Brief Wedding/Honeymoon Recap

Okay, here’s the short form (longer description of honeymoon coming in the near future):

Wedding. In a word: awesome. I married the love of my life and was surrounded my my nearest and dearest while it all went down. There were a few (happy) tears, a lot of laughter, and it was a fantastic party. At the reception I sat down and really drank with my brothers for the first time. I had a hangover that required peeling my brain off the interior surface of my skull on Monday.

Honeymoon. Dear god, I am relaxed. “Books, beach, beer, and bed” was our battle plan and it went off swimmingly. We also squeezed in a trip to the spa, swimming with dolphins, and a romantic candlelight dinner on the beach. There was only one little hiccup in the whole thing and ultimately, it didn’t do much to really dampen our spirits, as it was on the last morning.

More on this in a few days when I have time to transcribe my travel notes.

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